Stay at Hacienda del Cardenal, tradition and legend of past centuries

Just 30 minutes away from Madrid is the city of Toledo, a millenary city, a crossroads of Arabic, Jewish and Christian cultures and a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in 1986. And it is precisely here, in Toledo, where Hacienda del Cardenal is, a hotel that is part of its magnificent imperial villa wall next to the Bisagra Gate. The hotel, central and picturesque, belongs to the Botín Group, a prestigious restaurant in Madrid known for being the oldest in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Inside Hacienda del Cardenal you can enjoy a small 3-star hotel filled with harmony and charm, located in the pavilion of the grounds, built in the Eighteenth century by order of Cardinal Lorenzan. The hotel is located in the upper part of the garden. The hallway is crowned with the family coat of arms and it holds the hotel reception, leading to an entrance hall with Eighteenth-century ceiling and decoration.

When walking around the corridors of its two floors we can admire works of art, tiles, engravings and original ceramic pieces from the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries. Part of the wood panelling and polychrome support from the original construction have been restored and are kept as part of the building’s historical and cultural legacy.

We access the upper level on a staircase whose banister dates from the Sixteenth century, where we can also admire a replica of View of Toledo by El Greco. A neoclassic antechamber leads to the social room, whose fireplace is the focus of this irregular-shaped chamber which also includes engravings of the Spanish National Chalcography as well as Cordovan armchairs.